Welcome to In-step Counselling

Are you finding more often than not you're feeling low? You could be finding it really difficult to manage a demanding and challenging situation...  


Are you feeling worried and concerned, your feelings of anxiety seeming to dominate your everyday life?.....


How many times do we hear a very well intentioned ''well if I were you this is what I'd do.....''. Often we're not looking to someone to try and 'fix' it for us, we just want to be listened to, to be heard


No matter what your particular issue is the way it can make you feel and how it affects you, talking to a professional counsellor may help and you have made your first step towards this.


It is normal to experience feelings of  nervousness and apprehension about seeking help and I will do my best to help you feel at ease.


My name is Jane Sutcliffe, welcome to In-step Counselling, please feel free to look round the website and contact me for further details.


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